Looking for a roulette guide? Gambling is a magical game that attracts people. They become addicted to this game because they feel that they can become rich very quickly without any efforts. The truth about this game is that you can actually win a lot of money in a fraction of a second. The best place to gamble is the casino where you can see a lot of gambling enthusiasts from all over. Before playing it is better to refer to a roulette guide for details.

You can never find a casino that has no roulette table. The table consists of the roulette wheel also known as the wheel of fortune. If you are new to the game here is a roulette guide for understanding the game. The roulette guide provides you with some important information to help you to be successful. The saddest thing about this game is that there is no secret formula or strategy to win the game. However, the roulette guide will give you some information on the table, wheel and other strategies.

Before starting the game you should be familiar with a lot of things. The most important things that you should know about are the roulette table and the wheel. The wheel is very important because it has a lot of interesting things to understand. The wheel and the table together will let you know the type of game played. There are two types of casino roulettes, one is the American roulette and the second one is the European roulette. There are slight differences in the tables and wheels used in both. The wheel is made in the form of a bowl and is installed on an axle. It is usually made of expensive wood. The wheel weighs about 40 kg. The inner part is divided into several pockets where the ball should fall. They are red and black in color. For zero, the pocket is green in color.

The difference in the two types is the number of pockets.

The American version has two zero pockets, zero and double zero. There is difference in the order of numbers as well. Using the roulette guide in the beginning you will be able to know the difference. Similarly, the roulette guide will also provide you with a lot of information on the tables. The table consists of the wheel on which the game is played. There is some difference in the layout of the tables in both versions of the game. The table is divided into the outer section and the inner section. The numbers are placed in the inner section. Three consecutive numbers form a row and the vertical lines form the columns. There are 12 numbers in each column.

By referring to the roulette guide you will also know that the outer section is meant for the outside bets. According to the roulette guide the numbers of the European table are in while the numbers are in red or black for the American table. There are additional tracks for calling bets on the European tables. The special sectors where the chips have to be placed for calling the bets are Orphelins, Orphans, Zero Spiel, Tier du Cylindre and Voisins du Zero. By using the roulette guide in a proper manner you will understand many more details of the game.