There is a secret desire in every player to find a roulette cheat that really works. Players always want to win at the casino table but the enormity of the odds stacked against the player makes it almost impossible. Throughout the history of the casino, criminals have tried several methods to cheat at the table. They have used methods such as fixing the wheel or the ball to make the table stop on a particular number or color. A more common method is to switch bets on the table. In these days of online casinos, such criminal cheats are no longer available. The only available cheat is to find a system to beat the house in its own game.

A very popular roulette cheat is the progressive betting which is also called the Martingale System.

With this method, the player starts with a small bet of lets say one dollar. After every loss the bet is doubled until a win is achieved. When there is finally a win, the size of the win will compensate for all the previous losses and also brings a profit. The only problem is that this method could require a lot of bets before getting a winner. The method can also be used in the reverse. This time the bet is doubled when there is a win.

Another roulette cheat is to place only bets with a one to one payout. For example, bets could be placed on the red or black position. This gives a permanent fifty percent chance of wining just as the toss of a coin. The bet could also be carried forward when the ball falls on zero to further increase chances. The method does not guarantee a lot of wins. The worst that could happen with this strategy is to break even. It is definitely much better than selecting random numbers that have a one out of thirty eight chances of occurrence.

Placing multiple bets is a roulette cheat that has met with considerable success with some players. This is the same system that is adopted by lottery syndicates that have a lot of members. Bets are placed on twenty four out of the total thirty eight numbers. This has covered about sixty percent of the possible outcomes of the table. High and low numbers are selected to achieve a more even spread. This strategy effectively reduces the chances of loss to about thirty five percent. This strategy could be done with a partner. This will reduce that financial outlay of each person.

Using roulette software can also be considered to be a roulette cheat. This software provides an advanced analysis of the numbers and comes up with a good estimation of the ones that could come up. With this resource at his or her disposal, the player can make better betting judgments. Several of these programs are available on the internet. Each one claims its own level of accuracy. Only a test can prove the efficacy of this type of roulette cheat.