The Roulette Bot Pro has the capability to fill up your pocket with money, whenever you play roulette on any Casino. It is powerful automatic software for betting in roulette table. Betting system can be set up for custom environment and one can fine tune the software according to their use by analyzing data through number history, betting history and bankroll graphs. There are many other features in the software, which makes it amazing for users.

The software is built to support around ten different casino gaming platforms. There are four betting systems. Each betting system can be used either in their default way or after a simple tuning according to use. The Roulette Bot Pro 2 has four different modes for efficient betting. The automatic mode bets automatically and without any assistance from the user. In semi-automatic mode, certain functions of the software are to be handled by the user. In manual mode, nothing remains automatic and it fully depends on user for betting. The test mode or the RNG mode is for testing your fine tuned software functions. There is a provision to set the profit target, stop the losses and trailing stops. These can be initiated as and when required.

The software has the capability to customize units for betting, suiting different categories.

The progressions can be customized as per the wish of the user and it is fully computerized. The software supports spinning of roulette 150 times in a minute. Once the betting system is customized, the same can be saved as a profile for easy use next time. The software also features various methods for analyzing the betting data in the form of number history, bankroll and betting history graphs. With these capabilities, it becomes easy for the user to judge more effective ways to achieve a given profit target. The RouletteBotPro can also be used for setting up video betting profile. The software comes with license for up to 2 computers. This means the users can use the software for betting on two different computers at the same time, thereby increasing the profits.

The software can also be configured for automatic play for no zero roulette tables. There is also a provision for automatically playing even in some live casinos. There are up to six systems for betting available with the software. The Sleepers system involves waiting for user defined time for category to miss and then it bets on that category. It uses the martingale progression by default, which can also be customized as per wish of the user. In Reverse Sleepers system, the system waits for user defined time to get repeat of a category, it then bets on all the categories except the one that was repeated. This system also uses the martingale progression, which can also be customized. The Super Singles and Complex Math Proportional Probabilities systems are also supported by the software.